Create a Newsletter that Lasts

and Build the Community You Deserve

We work hard to build a community but every morning we wake up to a new change in the algorithm from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that prevents our followers to see what we are posting.

There is one weapon of resistance left and still available to all of us: the newsletter.

In this video workshop you will learn how to create a Newsletter that will evolve with you, let you be in direct contact with your community and free you from others' agenda. 

Create a Newsletter that Lasts includes:

- a 2h video recording 

- a handout to follow alongside the webinar

- a breakdown of 15+ newsletters to study 

My very first newsletter, sent to 30 people back in 2012

On November 13, 2012 I sent my first newsletter to 30 people.
Today I'm emailing over 10,000 people weekly.

A lot of things have changed since 2012 but one thing has not: the impact and power of my newsletter as opposed to everything else I've been using, from blog posts to social media.

During those 7 years spent emailing weekly people all over the world I have:

- learned the benefits of having a newsletter

- made all the mistakes in the book

- sold my creative programs and ran a crowdfunding campaign for my short film  via my newsletter

- understood why it's fundamental for anyone seeking creative independence to have a newsletter

- realized why so many people start a newsletter only to abandon after a few months

and much much more.

Create a Newsletter that Lasts includes:

- a 2h video recording 

- a handout to follow alongside the webinar

- a breakdown of 15+ newsletters to study 

Today I'm ready to share with you everything I've learned about writing a weekly newsletter for the last 7 years and building a community doing so. 

If you're sick and tired of feeling you have zero control over the channels of communication with the audience and community you've spent so much time building,

If you're ready to start a Newsletter but don't know how,

If you're confused about why it is so vital to have a newsletter,

If you've abandoned a newsletter before and wonder what you missed the first time around


Create a Newsletter that Lasts
is for you!

In this video live recorded session you will learn:

- How I went from knowing nothing about newsletter to building a community of thousands

- The state of the Newsletter today

- The myths about newsletters

- The errors to avoid when creating a newsletter

- Why so many people abandon their newsletter and how to make sure it won't happen to you

- The economics behind having a newsletter that grows

- Decoding what numbers and stats really tell you about newsletters

- How to make sure your newsletter evolves with you

- My strategy to help you set-up your own newsletter 

By the end of this course you will know everything you need to decide how and when to start your newsletter and make sure you won't stop.

Create a Newsletter that Lasts includes:

- a 2h video recording 

- a handout to follow alongside the webinar

- a breakdown of 15+ newsletters to study 


My name is Nathalie Sejean. I am an Audio & Visual Storyteller, which means I MAKE stories every day. I write screenplays, I draw, I direct films, I edit videos, I create graphic novels, I have a podcast, I write lyrics for bands...

But not only that.

I also have a blog for storytellers and filmmakers where I have published over 900 articles so far, and I send a newsletter to over 10,000 people each Sunday. 

But not only that.

I also offer programs for creatives to ACT because that's my thing.

When I don't create, I empower people to get out of their funk and act upon their creative desire.

I do it because I believe the world will be a better place when each one of us will be connected to their unique creative voice and able to share it back with the world. 

My thing is to empower people activating their creativity through practical actions and gaining freedom.

I've been living a creative life for the last decade. (Meaning as a career and lifestyle) After the first three years, I went through a burnout and came back healed and determined to never hurt my creativity again, do whatever it takes to nurture it, and help as many people as possible to connect with their own creative voice and USE it. 

I will not help you get rich. Or if I do, it will only be because I supported you while you were creating something that resonated with many. Money is not the goal here. 

But I can help you feel alive expressing who you are now through your creativity while building a communityThat makes for a rich life and that, to me is, all that matters. If it matters to you too, then I would love nothing more than to share everything I learned while building my community with my newsletter. I hope I'll see you on the other side!

With Creative Love,